An approximate total of 2,144 pages, The Transformation Study Bible features introductions for each book of the Bible to motivate readers to read and study the specific Bible book by helping them understand the background, vital themes, and other key information.

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The Study Bible for Growing Disciples
Book Outlines Book Overviews Catalyst Notes Be Transformed Cross References Charts and Maps Concordance Study Notes

Book Outlines

Text that provides the key theme and key verse with other Scripture passages fitting into the flow of each book.

Book Overviews

A conversational overview for each book of the Bible with timeless and practical lessons from Dr. Warren Wiersbe.

Catalyst Notes

These notes are the heartbeat of The Transformation Study Bible. Approximately 150 words for each book, important themes are discussed by Dr. Warren Wiersbe to motivate readers to have their lives transformed through the Holy Spirit by highlighting key character issues in Scripture. These insightful observations will prepare readers’ hearts and minds as they study the Bible.

Be Transformed

Approximately 13,200 total core application notes, 200 words per book from Dr. Warren Wiersbe to help readers understand how each book of the Bible will impact their lives.

Cross References

References related to verses throughout the books of the Bible, revealing how Scripture is connected.

Charts and Maps

50 full-color charts and maps will help readers understand what the Bible teaches by summarizing key Bible content and information into concise visual form.


Clear definitions of key words to help readers locate a verse or a group of related verses quickly when studying a particular topic.

Study Notes

Approximately 10,000 total expository notes, 110 words per book from Dr. Warren Wiersbe to help readers understand key Bible passages by explaining what they mean and how they apply to their lives.